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Essays To Assign For English 101

How to Pass English 101 |
English 101 is an entry-level English class that most college students take their first semester in college. Read on to learn more about what this class entails and how to work to pass the course.

Essays To Assign For English 101

Leap upon me, make your assault i shall conquer you by enduring. He leaves caesar and all of caesars offspring still surviving, he leaves you surviving in company with the brothers of you both. But excess in anything becomes a fault.

Some she will burn with fire, applied, it may be, to punish, it may be, to heal some she will bind with chains, committing the power now to an enemy, now to a fellow-countryman some she will toss naked upon the fickle sea, and, when their struggle with the waves is over, she will not even cast them up on the sand or the shore, but will hide them away in the maw of some huge monster others, when she has worn them down with divers diseases, she will long keep suspended between life and death. Is it a good man who has done you injury? Do not believe it. I mean for position and the fame of eloquence and all that comes under the verdict of others, do grow stronger as time passes - both those that provide real strength and those that trick us out with a sort of dye with a view to pleasing, must wait long years until gradually length of time develops colour - but i greatly fear that habit, which brings stability to most things, may cause this fault of mine to become more deeply implanted.

Whenever you engage in something else, your mind will be relieved. And this would be true if, like the implements of war, they could be put on and laid aside at the pleasure of the user. Yes, in contrast with the tricky and the crafty they do seem ingenuous because they are undisguised.

And what service does he who ponders these things render unto god?  He keeps the mighty works of god from being without a witness!  We are fond of saying that the highest good is to live according to nature. At this point it is needful for us to understand that it is possible for some one to do me an injury and for me not to receive the injury. But i am more indulgent to the man who would give his enemy a wound than to the one who would give him a blister for the latter has not only an evil mind, but a petty mind as well.

Why is it, then, that we are not offended on the street, yet are annoyed at home, except that in the one case we are in an unruffled and tolerant state of mind, and in the other are peevish and fault-finding? All our senses ought to be trained to endurance. Between them and me i have kept a wide space and so she has merely taken them, not torn them, from me. Ye gods! What a tale for the ears of a husband! What a fact for an emperor to know! And what indecency that an emperor should go so far as to report his adultery and his dissatisfaction in it to the womans very husband -to say nothing of his being a consular, to say nothing of his being a friend! On the other hand, chaerea, a tribune of the soldiers, had a way of talking that ill-accorded with ms prowess his voice was feeble and, unless you knew his deeds, was apt to stir distrust.

The first consideration i must touch upon very lightly for i well know that your heart values nothing in your dear ones except themselves. Let us give to the soul that peace wbich is afforded by constant meditation on wholesome instruction, by noble deeds, and a mind intent upon the desire for only what is honourable. Find comfort in the prestige of one son, in the retirement of the other - in the devotion of both!  The secret motives of my brothers i well know. You make great promises, promises which are not even to be desired, still less believed then after all your big words, while you deny that a wise man is poor, you do not deny that he usually possesses neither slave nor house nor food while you deny that a wise man is mad, you do not deny that he does lose his reason, that he babbles crazy words, that he will venture to do whatever his violent disorder impels him to do while you deny that a wise man is ever a slave, you do not likewise go on to deny that he will be sold, that he will do what he is ordered to do, and render to his master the services of a slave. Let it not happen that every one who admired your writings as a model should wonder how a spirit so easily broken produced such mighty and substantial works.

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Essays To Assign For English 101

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Essays To Assign For English 101 On the long journey a through which she accompanied the remains of her dear drusus, her heart was harrowed by the countless pyres that flamed throughout all italy - for on each she seemed to be losing her son afresh -, yet as soon as she had placed him in the tomb, along with her son she laid away her sorrow, and grieved no more than was respectful to caesar or fair to tiberius, seeing, that they were alive. He is a great and noble man who acts as does the lordly wild beast that listens unconcernedly to the baying of tiny dogs. Thus we spend our lives, and therefore we ought to do in moderation this thing that we must do so often and as we look back upon the great mass of sorrows that threatens us behind, we ought, For so far as sensual pleasure is concerned. Reflect that to have had him is most delightful to have lost him, This mercifulness led him on to safety and security, this made him popular and beloved.
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    This, too, we must bear in mind, that earthly things because of false and wrongly accepted values cut off the sight of these true goods. Different as their merits are, you have reason to rejoice in both. Consider, too, that it is for the common good to have the best men become soldiers, so to speak, and do service. Think of everything, expect everything even in good characters some unevenness will appear. Consequently moderate passion is nothing else than a moderate evil.

    This is just as if someone who was devoured by a foul itch should mock at the molesb and the warts on bodies that are most beautiful. Should i be surprised if the dangers that always have wandered about me should at some time reach me?  The number of men that will plan a voyage without thinking of storms is very great. Is there, then, any doubt that for hapless mortals, that is, for men who are engrossed, the fairest day is ever the first to flee? Old age surprises them while their minds are still childish, and they come to it unprepared and unarmed, for they have made no provision for it they have stumbled upon it suddenly and unexpectedly, they did not notice that it was drawing nearer day by day. Zeno,a cleanthes, and chrysippus, of whom none the less not one catered upon public life, and not one failed to urge others to do so. Serenusa when i made examination of myself, it became evident, seneca, that some of my vices are uncovered and displayed so openly that i can put my hand upon them, some are more hidden and lurk in a corner, some are not always present but recur at intervals and i should say that the last are by far the most troublesome, being like roving enemies that spring upon one when the opportunity offers, and allow one neither to be ready as in war, nor to be off guard as in peace.

    Moreover, the peculiar marks of a lofty spirit are mildness and composure, and the lofty disregard of injustice and wrongs. Meanwhile, as i was saying, it is mercy that makes the distinction between a king and a tyrant as great as it is, though both are equally fenced about with arms but the one uses the arms which he has to fortify good-will, the other to curb great hatred by great fear, and yet the very hands to which he has entrusted himself he cannot view without concern. You mean, then, that they do none of the things that anger dictates, or only some of them? If they do none, it is evident that anger is not essential to the transactions oflife, and yet you were advocating it on the ground that it is something stronger than reason. I am often filled with wonder when i see some men demanding the time of others and those from whom they ask it most indulgent. No other emotion has an outward aspect so disordered it makes ugly the most beautiful faces through it the most peaceful countenance becomes transformed and fierce from the angry all grace departs if they were well-kempt and modish in their dress, they will let their clothing trail and cast off all regard for their person if their hair was disposed by nature or by art in smooth and becoming style, it bristles up in sympathy with their state of mind the veins swell, the breast will be racked by incessant panting, the neck will be distended by the frantic outrush of the voice then the limbs tremble, the hands are restless, the whole body is agitated. Which matter shall he cope with first?  Toward what quarter set his face?    throughout all lands shall he be driven, a victim of his own victory. When the mind is disobedient to precepts and cannot be restored by gentler means, why should it not be for its own good to have poverty, disgrace, and a violent overthrow of fortune applied to it - to match evil with evil?  Let us then get accustomed to being able to dine without the multitude, to being the slave of fewer slaves, to getting clothes for the purpose for which they were devised, and to living in narrower quarters. The slaves reproof he postponed to a more rational moment at the time it was himself he reproved. First of all, we must have a sound mind and one that is in constant possession of its sanity second, it must be and energetic, and, too, capable of the noblest fortitude, ready for every emergency, careful of the body and of all that concerns it, but without anxiety lastly, it must be attentive to all the advantages that adorn life, but with over-much love for noneb - the user, but not the slave, of the gifts of fortune. Consequently, some of our school hold that anger is aroused in the breast by the boiling of the blood about the heart the reason why this particular spot is assigned to anger is none other than the fact that the warmest part the whole body is the breast.

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    He alone has firm and well-grounded greatness whom all men know to be as much their friend as he is their superior whose concern they daily find to be vigilant for the safety of each and all upon whose approach they do not flee as if some monster or deadly beast had leaped from his lair, but rush eagerly forward as toward a bright and beneficent star. As to what is told us, we should not be quick to believe many falsify in order that they may deceive many others, because they themselves are deceived. I am sure that the gods looked on with exceeding joy while that hero, most ruthless in avenging himself, took thought for the safety of others and arranged the escape of his departing followers while even on his last night he pursued his studies while he drove the sword into his sacred breast while he scattered his vitals, and drew forth by his hand that holiest spirit, too noble to be defiled by the steel Buy now Essays To Assign For English 101

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    Let them cease, therefore, to join irreconcilable things and to link pleasure with virtue - a vicious procedure which flatters the worst class of men. I shall give before it is asked , and hasten to grant all honourable requests. Clearly is it committed to action!    since epicurus himself declares that he will at times withdraw from pleasure, will even seek pain if he foresees that he will either repent of pleasure, or will be able to substitute a lesser pain for one that is greater. Some men make it their aim for us it is a roadstead, but not the harbour. Nay, he will be truly a man who, when perils are threatening from every side, when arms and chains are rattling around him, will neither endanger, nor conceal, his virtue for saving oneself does not mean burying oneself Essays To Assign For English 101 Buy now

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    In youth he was hot-headed, flared up with anger, and did many things which he looked back upon with regret. If i grieve on his account, i must decide that one or the other of the two following views is true. Both are foes to tranquillity - both the inability to change and the inability to endure. Otherwise, if men should be willing to return to sanity of mind, what is the need of so many arts that minister to the belly?  What need of commerce?    what need of ravaging the forests?  What need of ransacking the deep?  The foods which nature has placed in every region lie all about us, but men, just as if blind, pass these by and roam through every region, they cross the seas and at great cost excite their hunger when at little cost they might allay it Buy Essays To Assign For English 101 at a discount

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    For is it only the casual man or the few who break the law? On every hand, as if at a given signal, men rise to level all the barriers of right and wrong and yet how few of all the crimes are these! The poet makes no mention of the battling camps that claim a common blood, of the parents and the children sundered by a soldiers oath, of the flames a roman hand applied to rome, of the hostile bands of horsemen that scour the land to find the hiding-places of citizens proscribed, of springs defiled by poison, of plague the hand of man has made, of the trench flung around beleaguered parents, of crowded prisons, of fires that burn whole cities to the ground, of baleful tyrannies and secret plots for regal power and for subversion of the state, of acts that now are glorified, but still are crimes so long as power endures to crush them, rape and lechery and the lust that spares not even human mouths Buy Online Essays To Assign For English 101

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    Fear should leave some sense of security, and hold out much more of hope than of peril otherwise, if an inoffensive man is made to fear the same peril as others, he takes pleasure in rushing into peril and making an end of a life that is forfeit. We do not divest them of the sensation of pain, but of the name of injury, which is not allowable so long as virtue is unharmed. Even if you restore to him whatever he has lost, it will do no good for he who will need to be restoreda will still lack more of all that he covets than as an exile he lacked of all that he once had. This indeed is cruelty but because it does not result from vengeance - for no injury was suffered and no sin stirs its wrath - for no crime preceded it - it falls outside of our definition for by the definition the mental excess was limited to the exaction of punishment Buy Essays To Assign For English 101 Online at a discount

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    If the soul ever has leisure to draw breath and to retire within itself - ah!  To what self- torture will it come, and how, if it confesses the truth to itself, it will say all that i have done hitherto, a tacitus, annals, xiii. At times, also, enraged against powerful men, we shall reveal our feelings with unrestrained liberty. In this kind of life there awaits much that is good to know -the love and practice of the virtues, forgetfulness of the passions        the condition of all who are engrossed is wretched, but most wretched is the condition of those who labour at engrossments that are not even their own, who regulate their sleep by that of another, their walk by the pace of another, who are under orders in case of the freest things in the world - loving and hating Essays To Assign For English 101 For Sale

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    Let him think that avarice also betokens the great soul it broods over heaps of gold and silver, it tills fields that are provinces in all but name, and holds under a single steward broader acres than were allotted once to consuls. When his purpose was recognized, there was general rejoicing, because the jaws of the ravening wolves were being cheated of their prey. Above all, i have taken pains that nothing should keep you here against your will the way out lies open. Nature did not wish him to be cruel or to seek a revenge that would be so costly, and so she removed his weapon, and left his anger unarmed. It was claudius, and this was the very reason he was surnamed caudex, because among the ancients a structure formed by joining together several boards was called a caudex, whence also the tables of the law are called codices, and, in the ancient fashion, boats that carry provisions up the tiber are even to-day called codicariae For Sale Essays To Assign For English 101

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    Then, when the other was trying to offer some excuse, he stopped him and said, enjoy yourself, my dear pollio, enjoy yourself! And when pollio declared, if you bid me, caesar, i shall forthwith deny him the house, he replied, do you think that i would do this, when it was i who restored the friendship between you? For the fact is, pollio had once had a quarrel with timagenes, and his only reason for ending it was that caesar had now begun one. We see how great and how efficient it really is, only when it shows by endurance what it is capable of. But what if it is not even a bag of money, but only a handful of copper or a silver piece, reckoned by a slave, which causes an heirless old man on the verge of the grave to split with rage? And what if it is only a paltry one per cent of interesta that causes the moneylender, sick though he be, with crippled feet and with gnarled hands that no longer serve for counting money, to shout aloud, and in the very throes of his malady to require securities for his pennies? If you were to offer me all the money from all the mines, which we are now so busy in digging, if you were to cast before my eves all the money that buried treasures hold - for greed restores to earth what it once in wickedness drew forth - i should not count that whole assembled hoard worth even a good mans frown Sale Essays To Assign For English 101













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